Tamara Folven Andersen Creative Arts

I feel I have always been blessed to be an artist as art is magical. It brings people together, it expresses ideas and emotions, it tells whole histories and stories in single moments, it speaks silently and directly to your heart and it is universal. One image can effectively communicate across cultures and language. I have been lucky enough to experience this a number of times in my life.


Welcome to my website and facebook posts. Come play and enjoy my images and
artwork. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any assistance.


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Are you looking for a great piece of artwork for your home or office? My website presents you with an overview of my artwork.  Please contact me and I'm sure we can find or create something that meets your taste!

Tamara Andersen - 2005

About Me

The act of creating artwork has always been my method of finding joy and beauty in the world. It provides a window into my soul and helps me express what I find wonderful in the world around me. It allows me to capture those blissful, magical moments one experiences and record them for others to view as well.