Artist Statement

     The act of creating artwork has always been my method of finding joy and beauty in the world.  It provides a window into my soul and helps me express what I find wonderful in the world around me. It allows me to capture those blissful magical moments one experiences and record them for others to view as well.

     My love of art started innocently in an elementary school art room. It was there I discovered I could learn about worlds beyond my own or even make a new ones. I loved every minute I was able to spend creating and found I was drawn to see what others see. I was lucky enough to have some amazing art teachers and was exposed to all kinds of artists and explored many different media.  I think this is what led me to my career of teaching middle school art. I feel very blessed to get to share my passion for the arts everyday with some amazing young men and women. They are truly my inspiration. I would be dishonest if I said my students were the only muse for my art.

       I am also a wife and a mother of two children. My husband takes me all over Colorado and in the beginning he was who helped me see these glimpses of everyday magic all around us. The silent elk walking by, the glorious colors of watching a sunset or the quiet dew of morning are just some examples of things he has helped me experience. Our marriage simply altered my company name from TF Creative Arts to TFA Creative Arts (Tamara Folven Andersen) and expanded my vision of the world.  My children help me to keep young pure eyes. They see the world as if for the first time and help remind me to choose to view the world in the same way. My daughter is also an artist and I love spending hours painting with her. My son, while not an artist, has taught me to love things I never would have exposed myself to.

       For more information regarding my artwork or to arraign a commission piece please feel free to contact me.