My Signature

As many of you know I have always signed my work with a modified mathematician
pi sign of TF but what you may not know that it was actually out of respect for the man who took me to my first private art class. He told me it was okay and even good to be an original in our family and that even if my mathematician father didn't understand everything I loved and did, he was going along for the ride to support me all he could. The extra line pi has always stood for the art of Tamara Folven.


The peak around the pi came about when I got married and the next biggest
male influence in my life joined me on this journey. This man introduced me to
4-wheel driving, way more serious camping and roughing it, and the beauty of a
lot of things just outside my comfort zone. It has always seemed oddly fitting
that my new last name reminds me of a mountain peak or summit and thus the A in Andersen joined my logo and signature.