Abstract Paintings

My more abstract work often comes from me wrestling with ideas, concepts
and/or experiences in my life. I find that I process things though my art both
emotionally and intellectually. I often find the need to create my way through
new experiences or learning.

Celestial Eclipse

Celestial Eclipse


Acrylic on canvas

24" x 24"


Currently on Display

Circular Explorations -CAEA Artshow



Acrylic on Canvas

 24" H  X    12" W

Price $175 + Shipping


The concept behind my conception series began at a Colorado Art Education Association summer ArtSource course. This image is about the birth of an idea or thought. It is my perception of how seemingly random things merge together to form new ideas and concepts.

New Formations

New Formations

Acylic on Canvas

 4 " X 4  "



This was a small study painting done before I started the conception series of paintings. The idea for the original imagery came from the power of an ocean wave, how it crashes over everything in it's path and merges it into itself.  Both are transformed in this process into new creations.