Let me create a one of a kind wall for your home of business. I am experienced
in creating both advertising and decorative murals. When you select me to
produce your mural and/or collage we will begin by discussing your needs.  With corporate paintings we will begin by discussing your mission, related imagery and collage elements. All color choices can be selected to match current company logos and designs. I can incorporate or reproduce corporate logos and color schemes.   With more decorative murals I can create a one of a kind image for your wall or fantasy room for your child. Murals always begin with a series of preliminary drawings. Please contact me to set up an initial meeting to set up the production of your mural.  

Corperate Collages

Circle Industries Mixed Media Mural

Mixed Media on Wood
4' X 4' X 3"


This three dimensional mixed media mural was produced for a company that provides a web based business management system for the automotive industry.  The images in this mural include the company’s corporate logo, many of their own advertising images as well as computer and automotive details.  The mural is three dimensional and various part of the painting stick out from the base as far as, three inches.  The mural also incorporates various computer and car parts. 

Traditional Murals

Mt Euclid Mural


This mural was created in connection with a school's 6th grade math curriculum.
Students earn their way the peak of this mountain through the mastery of
various math skills. Student names are posted above the peak as they achieve
success with their individualized math goals.

Personal Collage

Family Tree

This collage like painting was created for an individual and shows a number
of events, places and concepts that have helped make this person who they are. It
included the roots of the tree to show how all the people in their family who
went before them helped make them who they are. It includes nationality and
past locations. This image also contains a great deal of text.


This painting has been hung outside and exposed to the elements for 5 years at
the time this was taken.