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Welcome to TFA Creative Arts Online Gallery, where creativity meets inspiration. Our gallery showcases a diverse range of artwork. Come and explore our exhibitions and immerse yourself in the beauty of art.

TFA Creative Arts

TFA Creative Arts

           As a wife, mother, public school art teacher and artist Tamara prided herself on her ability to serves those around her. Until a medical malpractice turned her entire family’s world upside down.  

            Shattered is a collection of artworks and writing about Tamara’s journey of navigating the after effects of her husband being left critically injured after a medical malpractice incident. While this project began as a coping mechanism to survive It has evolved into a call for action for awareness.  It challenges all of us to reexamine and change how our society provides patient care.

           Tamara Folven Andersen lost her husband Kirk after a horrific medical malpractice incident.  She became his caregiver and patient advocate until this same incident resulted in his way to early death – 49.

TFA Creative Arts

Painting - Mixed Media - Photography - Clay Prints - Fibers

Whitewashing the Elephant


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Hi, I’m Tamara

Tamara Folven Andersen
Dark Hearts Show at
Kanon Collective
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