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Shattered -May  3 2024 - May 26 2024 Kanon Collective Art Gallery 

 My project Shattered is highly personal as it chronicles the biggest challenge my family has ever faced, a medical mistake leading to the upheaval of life as we knew it.


This project has been in development for the past few years and has lovingly been dubbed 'The Dark Show' by my close friends and family.  My images were created  as an emotional outlet to survive a very dark period of my life.  There were many moments I did not want to survive and I was overwhelmed.  I wish I could say I handled it all with grace and dignity but looking back the best I can say is I was brave, I did the best I could and I honored my wedding vows.  I am currently working on truly acknowledging to myself that this was enough. 

If you or someone you know is at this point know help is available :

988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline

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