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Available Artwork

 My portfolio of available artwork features a wide range of artistic media, style and price points.  From bold and colorful to delicate and intricate, our collection has something for everyone.

If you don't see a piece that is quite right for you please contact me as I do much of my artwork on a commission bases to provide my collectors with a piece that is uniquely theirs.



Acrylic, Watercolor & Clayprint

Landscape painting takes me back to my roots in art. It is where I truly first began to see myself as an artist. My first art love will always be the act of allowing myself to paint and slowly absorb a location. I began working with oils in middle school, but at Colorado State University I fell in love with the ease of acrylics. My love of travel and adventure led me to rediscover watercolors as an adult.


Conceptual Abstracts

Acrylic & Clayprint

As I continue to grow as an artist I have found I needed to develop new ways to express my ideas, thoughts and feelings. I have found myself drawn to more abstract imagary and enjoy the both thechallenges and freedom this offers.


This art show is currently being developed. I am creating these works to help myself heal from the scars left behind from my husband's spinal injury and death.

Through my Lenses

Photography often allows me to focus in and better understand my world. The lens allows me to quiet the world and see the amazing details that make life richer. I fell in love with my camera back in the days of film and darkrooms. I loved the magic of seeing images develop.



My first real experiences working with fiber go back to a college weaving class. I found loved working with dying yarns and the meditative nature of working on the loom. When my husband was injured I needed to find a portable way to bring this process to his hospital rooms, to help me cope. I rediscovered coiled basketry and have incorperated this process into my studio practice.

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